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While it’s good to get a massage from, often clients ask us how to relax at work. There are simple techniques that you can use that could be of great benefit if you feel pressured or stressed at your desk.

We’re going to assume that you are a busy person and that taking 5 minutes to relax is quite tricky.

If you’re stressed, it’s difficult to seek help and it may even feel that people not very helpful.

First let’s talk breathing. Breathing deeply and slowly is an essential tool to take your stress away. You have to inhale deeply and slowly then in your own time release and exhale through the nose slowly. Repeat this for as long as you want and try and feel stress going away from you.

The most powerful way to try and reduce your stress is by using mental images. The reason for this is that most of us are good at visualizing things. You can form a mental picture of whatever you like: it could be yourself lying horizontally or a very good memory in your past. Try to keep that picture, be in that place as much as possible and capture how happy and relaxed you are. Use breathing to help get you there.

Other people prefer talking to themselves. You can mentally repeat to yourself several times ‘I feel more relaxed’. Use breathing to help get you there.

I have come across people that are too busy, they’re doing things too fast. Life is rushing. If you feel like this, remember that you can take it all away by focusing on one thing only. For example focusing on breathing and counting breaths can help occupy your mind and stop other thoughts.

Some ready made exercises:

If you’re feeling pressurized like a boiler cooker and you can’t let go of your stress, we suggest a simple mental exercise. Imagine you have a valve, pretty much like a pressure cooker would have. You can place that valve wherever you feel on your body. Now inhale deeply and slowly, when you’re full of air let go very slowly the air through your nose and imagine the flow is going through that pipe and drains your stress away. Repeat 10 times.

If you’re feeling tense and your muscles have accumulated stress, you can simply try to touch your arms and legs and give yourself a little massage. Do this while breathing in and breathing out slowly.

Overall you’ll be surprised yourself how much you can reduce stress and fatigue at your desk by using your imagination. If you practice relaxation at your desk everyday you will be able to manage your stress levels/body pain a little better.

Happiness and relaxation is a habit.

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