is your workstation, office or desk at the right height?

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We all like to feel comfortable at work, and know intuitively that we can get more done when we are comfortable.  This forms a big part of our philosophy here at  We are also aware that everyone is different, but despite that so many offices and desks all look the same.  We asked, how we can make that a bit more personal.  Health and Well-being consultant for, Samuel Furse looked into it for us and gives us his five things you can do to make your workstation, office or desk fit like a glove:

Step One – the right height.  Most desks are of a roughly-standard height.  While this might be fine for a lot of people, it can actually be dangerous for those of us who find it hard to reach things or for those of us who are taller than average.  Most companies are required by law to have a Health and Safety officer and therefore a Health and Safety policy.  If you are finding your desk or work surface is at an uncomfortable height, or you have had medical problems that restrict your movement, consult your H&S officer and see if this comes under the company’s duty of care to employees.  In a poll conducted in the summer of 2009 over 90% office workers over six feet tall and under 5’2” said they felt they would benefit from a height –adjusted desk.

Step two – Take a Seat.  Like desks, the right chair is also important.  There’s a lot we can do to improve ergonomics in the office with good sitting posture.  But if you find you have to work late to get difficult projects finished, fulfil deliverables, or just to have an uninterrupted weekend, sitting in a chair of the right size and shape is key.  A number of office suppliers are becoming more savvy to the individual needs to office workers, so if your seating arrangements are looking a bit past their best, spend a lunchtime looking through catalogues or on-line and find one that’s right for you.
Step three – Easy reach.  Is everything you need within easy reach?  If not, it can only be good for your long-term well-being to make it that bit easier.  If your job involves a limited number of different tasks, watch out as many employers have wriggled out from repetitive strain injury claims (RSI) on technicalities.  Don’t let this happen to you, do what you can to prevent it.  This will help you boost your productivity, boost your effectiveness and make work a happier place all at once.
Step four — Kill the clutter! All sorts of gadgets and gizmoes can be useful at work, and most of us have more to deal with than we want, but getting it reduced and tidying it up is probably easier than you think.  Make use of storage solutions to keep things you only use occasionally out of the way.  If you don’t think you’ll use something, see if a longer term storage solution can be found.  These sorts of things will stop you tripping over random stuff and give a much more presentable environment when clients or senior colleagues drop in, unannounced.
Step five – Take a moment.  Although the phrase ‘take a moment’ has become a cliché in recent times, there’s a definite value in it for workplace comfort.  Healthy living has benefitted us greatly, healthy working can do too, so before and after you have looked at how you working environment is set up, take the time to understand it.
Just remember – a comfortable workplace environment means a more comfortable employee.
Sounds good?
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